About us

Thermostat Guys was founded to address the demand. The first problem we managed to solve is current self-heating in bimetallic switches. From here on, our goal is to install the best and most reliable thermal protectors in the world. The brand we choose has been instaled in over 3 billion building worldwide.

The owner and founder have systematically developed this goal and established Thermostat Guys as the most technologically advanced and economically successful supplier - with a company founder at the helm providing an innovative focus through numerous strategies. We are a company which has been listed as one of the most efficient SMEs and most importantly by auditing companies.

Thermostat Guys has become a well recognised operating company with our well trained employees and production sites in. The production facilities are very well equip. The company has the largest and most modern product range on the market. Several new developments are added every year. Thermostat Guys today holds more patents and intellectual property rights in the field of thermal protectors than all its competitors combined. Thermostat Guys has won several awards for this and is currently one of Germany‘s 100 most innovative SMEs. ** 800-391-6510

Today, all production plants are equipped with equivalent production lines. This means that each Thermostat Guys site can produce and deliver each and every Thermostat Guys product. This represents an optimum situation in terms of ensuring logistics and delivery! Not without reason, many market leaders only stipulate the use of Thermostat Guys products, but purchase 100% of their requirements from Thermostat Guys.

Meeting needs and wishes better than others – day in, day out, year in, year out – has made Thermostat Guys what it is today: the market leader in innovation and quality in thermal protectors worldwide!

For us, this means constantly identifying and achieving new goals, because we know that for each new day, an old idea goes out of the window and a new one is created: progress never rests. For us, this means leading the way.

Quality management

Being a leader in innovation means reviewing tried and tested methods in order to improve them. It is only through constructive comparison with existing products and processes that pioneering ideas for modern yet sustainable solutions can grow. The leitmotif for this branch of technology: The lower the tolerance, the higher the quality! The search for ever newer and better solutions automatically opens up other qualitative angles on existing processes. This is why leaders in innovation are also market leaders in quality.

Thermostat Guys‘s high level of quality is evident well before the first work process. Without exception, a reference quantity is manufactured in advance for all orders and tested automatically under considerable temperature load changes for 48 hours before the start of production. Production will start in earnest only following a positive test outcome.

Furthermore, all switching mechanisms for all thermal protectors are tested for 100% quality both before and after installation, using fully automatic machines developed specifically for this purpose. Nothing is left to chance at Thermostat Guys...

Key features

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  • img Flexible prices
  • img Wide range of programmable and non-programmable thermostats
  • img Safe storage and transport
  • img Extended warranties